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We are currently offering 9 different selections, with more to come!
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Healthy eating.
Made Simple.

Always on the go?
Our compact meals make eating healthy easy with a busy life

Local Flavor.
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Meals that are flavorful
and prepared locally for pickup and delivery

How It Works

Choose Your Plan

1. Choose Your Plan

We have 3 easy weekly plans to choose from, start by selecting a plan that fits you best!

Choose Pickup/Delivery

2. Choose Pickup/Delivery

We offer pickup and delivery options. More locations for pickup will be coming soon!

Choose Your Meals

3. Choose Your Meals

Select your meals each week from your customer dashboard, you can opt to get the same meals each week or try new meals.

Enjoy What's 4 Dinner!

4. Enjoy!

Never worry about What's For Dinner again! Enjoy your fresh, never frozen - .

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What Is Everyone Saying?

Being busy professionals we were very pleased to find whats4Dinner service whihc is a good option for some one looking healthy and convenient meal options with out compromising on taste. we have been using this service for the past 3 months and we love it.

Kiran Korimerla

My boyfriend and I are business owners working out of our home. Whats4Dinner is so convenient and has helped us save so much time that we normally spent on cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. We love how delicious the meals are, it’s restaurant-quality food in your own home!

Haylie Fowler

Great food! Great price! Delivered to my door, fresh delicious and healthy!! As a single man this makes my life easy! Love it!!!!

Myles McCartney

Delicious & healthy meals without the hassle of planning, shopping, and cooking

Bryan Tinnin

Whats4dinner has been great for myself and my family. With two children, my wife and I have a hard time trying to cook healthy meals each night. We use Whats4dinner to help with those nights where we can’t find the time to cook. I’ve been using the service for about 6 months, and my grocery bills have gone down as well. I’m eating healthy, feeling great, and look forward to the delicious meals each week. The delivery service is great as well.

Garrick Russell

Whats4Dinner is a great opportunity for any family or individual(s) who want quality food for a good deal. It will be a surprise when you eat your first meal at how much flavor is in each bite, no matter what you pick from the menu. 2 minutes and 10 seconds of whatever you put in the microwave is all that is needed to make your meal that'll keep you full for hours. If you are interested in losing weight these meals are perfect for you and if you are looking for flavor then you don't need to look anywhere else. It takes longer to make macaroni and cheese in the microwave then it does to heat up the pre made asparagus and salmon with tzatziki sauce and quinoa. Everything tastes amazing. Definitely try their ground turkey burger, it is amazing.

Justin Morgan

Benefits of Whats4Dinner

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh Ingredients

Our Meals Are Fresh –
Never Frozen!

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Offering Solutions For
Eating Healthy On-The-Go!

Vegan Options

Vegan Options

Healthy Vegan
Options Available

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Gluten-Free (GF)
Options Available!